Professional Explosion-proof Solution

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Since always believe that only by helping customers solve problems efficiently can finally get the chance to develop, summarizes years of customer service work and divides the services closely related to customers into following parts.

  1. Free Drawing

    Whether you need to design explosion-proof electrical appliances for new buildings or renovate old buildings,when you need someone to draw for explosion-proof solution, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our engineers will provide you with free drawing design services.

  2. Free Solution

    When you have a project or building to make full set of explosion-proof solution, please let us know ,we are very pleased to offer you free solution service.We belive that a good business relationship start with a easy touch.

  3. Factory Tour

    It is our honor to meet you in China, once you are in Ningbo or Wenzhou, please let us know, we would like invite you to visit our factory to show you how we design and manufacture these explosion-proof electrical equipment.

  4. Technical Support

    No matter how perfect the product is, customers may encounter problems in the process of using it. The role of technical support is very important, and we always have people in it.

  5. 1 Year Warranty

    Although we are confident in our products, and the quality of our products is really good, but we can not guarantee that every product will not break down. Within one year, under the condition of non-artificial destruction and normal use, if there is a quality problem in the product, we will repair it free of charge.

  6. Return & Exchange

    We accept refund and exchange service for any product quality problems within 1 month after receipt of the order.

  7. OEM/ODM

    You can use your trademark on our existing products. We can also produce products according to your drawings and requirements.

  8. Product Development

    If you have the development needs of explosion-proof electrical appliances, please contact us. We can develop the corresponding hardware and software according to your design and requirements.